I chose this passage because it was one that I struggled with early on in my faith. In my way of thinking, the words work and salvation were never meant to be put in the same sentence. So, some of Paul's passages, as well as part of the Book of James, became untouchables for me. I had to develop twisted explanations for the way they were worded. Now, a few years later, I want to return to these passages with a better understanding of salvation and work. .


It is obvious from this passage alone that Paul had been involved with this church before his imprisonment. The book was written in responce to gifts and assistance sent to him by the Philippian church. His uses the opportunity to touch on several topics; and so a few key themes develop which include perserverance, desiring to with and like Christ, and the preaching of the gospel. All of these themes are manifested in this short passage.

Outline: Philippians 2:12-18.

Purpose Statement: To encourage the Philippians to practice and continue the work of their salvation; to tell them why they should do so; and show them what these actions look like.

A.) Work out your salvation (v12 & 13).

1.) The Philippian church had been and needed to continue to work out their salvation (v12).

2.) They should because it is God who works in them (parelell) so that their wills and actions are congruent with His.

B.) Their actions and the results (v14-18).

1.) Don't argue or complain so that you can be pure and stick out in the world .

(v14 & 15).

2.) Staying true to the word (v16).

a. holding out/on to the Word of God (16a).

b. so that Paul's work can be complete (16b).

3.) Rejoicing in God's will (v17-18).

a. no matter what his part is, Paul rejoices (v17).

b. the Philippians should rejoice with him (v18).


Verse 12- .

This verse seems to be a hinge on the door of the two Pauline views of salvation. On the one side, we have salvation from the coming day of wrath.