1760-62 Attended College of William and .

1764 Came into inheritance (21), included .

Leveling of Monticello mountaintop.

1772 Married Martha Wayles Skelton, .

1774Wrote A Summary View of theRetired from legal practice. .

Rights of British America.Inherited 11,000 acres & 135 slaves .

from father-in-law. .

1775 Elected to Continental Congress.

1776 Drafted Declaration of IndependenceMother died.

Elected to Virginia House of Delegates.

1779-81 Served as Governor of Virginia.

1782 Wife died. First house finished.

1783Elected delegate to Congress.

1784-89 In France as Commissioner & Minister.

1787 Published Notes on the State of Virginia.

1790-93 Served as first U.S. Secretary of State.


1794 Freed slave Robert Hemings.

1796 Freed slave James Hemings.

1797-1801 Served as U.S. Vice President.

1801-09 Served as U.S. President.

1802 Louisiana Purchase. Lewis & Clark.

Expedition leave.

1806 Lewis & Clark expedition ended.

1809Retired from presidency & public life.Remodeling of Monticello.

1815 Sold 6,700 volume library to Congress.

1817Cornerstone of Central College .

(University of Virginia) laid.

1824 Historic reunion with Marquis de .

Lafayette at Monticello.

1825University of Virginia opened..

1825 Died at Monticello, July 4..


v Six children, two survived to adulthood.

v Typically owned 150-200 slaves, freed two while he was alive, five in his will, didn't pursue two others when they ran away (seven he did free were all skilled tradesmen).

v Had an inquiry into his conduct as Governor, eventually discarded.

v Inventor of wooden moldboard (plow), cipher wheel, spherical sundial, swivel chair.

v Regarding the University of Virginia, Jefferson secured the location, designed the buildings, planned the curriculum, and served as first lector.

v Died on the 50th anniversary of the signing of the Declaration of Independence (same day as John Adams).