Once upon a time, there was a glorious island, called Love Spell. This island was considered glorious because the people, who went to this island, found their true love. But not only did they find a true love they found a true love that would last them a lifetime. Usually when a couple would get together, they would also get married on this island. But not all couples lived a happily ever after, the couples who didn't get married in Love Spell, needless to say, their marriages were cursed. Sometimes with a sudden death or murder. The most recent death was from a sharp blade.

It was a beautiful night, with the stars shinning bright. When a teenage girl, who was 18, discovered herself upon this island. She woke up after a long nap in a boat. The currents were bad that day, which caused the boat to drift.

After she had woken up, she decided to check this island out. She thought that it was the most beautiful place she had ever seen. As she walked along the beach she saw a lovely young man in an orange and yellow striped shirt. But this man had looked like the man of her dreams. So she asked him, "What is you name?" .

He replied, "Zach, may I ask your name also?" .

She was stunned because she always dreamed of getting married to a Zach, for almost all her life. Then she answered, "Well Zach, yes, you may ask for my name, my name is LeToya.".

Then Zach asked her if she wanted company. LeToya agreed for Zach to join her. They talked all night long, exchanging their childhood stories. They were laughing and having a fun time. That's when they realized that the darkness was fading and daylight was there. So they both agreed to meet up again later on in the day. .

LeToya went back to her boat for some rest, well that's when she found herself thinking about Zach constantly. So she figured she would take a little nap and then get ready to meet up with him again. The sunlight caused her to wake up and hour before she wanted too.