Could it be possible that fast food has become more popular than classic home cooked  meals? Fast food has become a popular demand to the society within the last few years.  People have come to rely on the benefits of fast food restaurants for three simple reasons:  they are fast, easily accessible, and the meals are relatively cheap.

One of the main things that people enjoy about fast food is the quickness of the  restaurant. Normally not only the service is quick, but the preparation of the food is quick  as well. The lines are not usually very long, and the service is mostly efficient. Employees  are accurate about taking orders and working their cash registers. Nevertheless, the  customer service is not the only factor that is fast paced in these restaurants. The  preparation of the food plays a big part in the role as well. For example, the order is taken and then relayed to another employee who begins to fill the order. Sometimes a customer  may find that his or her food is pre-made or waiting to be made upon request.

The final  step in the restaurant is receiving your food. Each employee has a different job, and when  they are don accurately the wait for the food in not long. Once the customer picks up his  order, the rest of the experience is up to him. The condiments are set out upon the  counters ready for the customers to choose from. This entire process takes about ten to  fifteen minutes, where as a home cooked meal may take anywhere from thirty minutes to  an hour to complete. People enjoy the quick service which works well for those who do  not have a sufficient amount of time. 

Another reason why it is believed that fast food has overcome home cooked meals is  the easy access ability in which the restaurants provide. These days, a fast food restaurant  can be found on just about every corner. Travelers may often see road signs along the  highways directing them to the many fast food stops along each exit. Along the highways  is not the only place the one may find a fast food restaurant, but neighborhoods and  shopping centers as well.

People are also given the option on whether or not the would  like to eat inside the restaurant or simply pick it up through the drive thru. Parking spots  are provided in well designed lots should the customer choose to dine in. However, if  someone choose to access the drive thru, lanes are set up in which the customer may drive up to the window to receive their order. Convenient and detailed menus are placed along  the drive thru route so that one may come to a quick decision before having to place an  order. The drive thru might be the fastest way for one to pick up some food.

Not only is  the customer offered two menus to look at, but the wait is not usually long. There are  normally two windows in which the customer drives up to. First the customer pays for  their order, and then proceeds to the next window. At the last window, the order is being  made and ready for the customer in a short amount of time. The structure of the fast food  restaurants is well designed and causes little hassle for it's customers. Thus, providing  quick service and easy access to a meal. 

Society today is concerned with money and how much items cost. The costs of a home  cooked meal may be quite high at times, depending on the selection of food. However, a  fast food meal can range anywhere from a dollar, to about ten dollars depending on the  person's appetite. The prices on fast food are generally cheap, and priced reasonably.  People cannot find a home cooked meal for under ten dollars these days. Fast food places  also provide numerous selections at very decent prices. At most places, a customer may  mix and match single items, or they may order one of the many combo meals. Another  great advantage of fast food is that each customer has the option of choosing how much  they desire to order.

For instance, customers may choose from sizes such as small,  medium, and large. Some restaurants even provide sizes that exceed large. Finally,  customers are given the option on whether or not they would like to upsize their meal.  This option is not too much more expensive than the regular size of the meal. Most places  offer this selection with prices that can range from fifty cents to about two or three  dollars. The fact that an entire meal is offered at an inexpensive price, is another great  quality that fast food services provide.

Sadly, home cooking may still exist in some homes, but recently the fast food market  has taken over the society and it's hunger. People in the world today run on tight  schedules and do not have a great amount of time. Thanks to the invention of fast food  restaurants, the working American can now quickly and accurately can get food in  between their busy schedules. There is also the convince that fast food places are located  throughout the city and almost on every corner.

Thus, making it easier to pick up food on  the way to one's destination. The society today is tough on spending money, and  concerned with getting from place to place on time, making fast foods the easiest way to  eat on the run. Provided that it is no very expensive, it has become an American favorite. Home cooked meals may never be at a permanent loss, but for now the world has chosen  to temporarily replace them.