Femme Fatales in Greek Mythology: Medusa vs. Circe

There are several fatale figures made popular by late 19th and early 20th century visual arts and literature. Visual art is a comparative field that occupies a number of prerogatives in the natural human setting and existence. In order to centre much interest and capture what takes place in the natural world, artists ensure that they have achieved the desires, and lucrative intentions connotative to human interaction and daily activities. This is a real art in the making where the natural and virtual happenings are represented in paint and drawing. This study exemplifies two femme fatales figures in Medusa and Circe of the late 19th century and early 20th century.

How medusa and Circe are Femme Fatales

Femme Fatale refers to a manifestation of a seductive and charming woman in the world. She is a woman of love and adoration in the society. The woman is seductive and charms her friends and enemies into the hands of love. The deeds of Medusa and Circe are categorical of what makes a Femme Fatale. The history and activities done by Medusa and Circe depict every facet concerned with Femme Fatale. For instance, Medusa and Circe are charming women. They have the capability to influence their enemies and friends into coming in terms with what they make as preference. Medusa and Circe demonstrate acts of horror, super nature, and scare of human beings. These and many other characteristics make Medusa and Circe be termed as Femme Fatales.


Medusa refers to a renowned enormous genre from Greek Myths. Perseus as part of his own quest once dissipated the myth. One of the characters in writing is called Hera and has the characteristic of being jealous. Through this character, Medusa's two sisters were set free where they had been detained in the Island of Paradise. Medusa's two gorgon sisters were set free from their prison on the then hovering Paradise Island. This undertaking had to make Circe to re-establish the Gorgon. In the first place, Circe did not have the will to help the two sisters get out of prison. Rather, Circe wrote a later through which she was able to state the reasons why the two sisters were in prison. As a result, he had no other intention of letting them get out of the prison. In the amazons, Circe's daughter was being raised. She wanted to be reunited with her daughter, but she had to succumb to the commands of Posidon. According to Posidon, Circe had no other option other than resurrecting Medusa. Circe agreed to resurrect Medusa

Medusa had the innate intention of taking revenge against the Champions of god. She was focusing on the behaviours of the Femme fatales as illustrated in the story of odyssey. The drama witnessed the entry of the gorgon into the white House in order to disturb the individuals who were in the house as illustrated by the odyssey story. On the other hand, the odyssey was busy with the General Philipus discussing the essence of presence of the American warships on the horizon of Themyscira. She had to do this before escaping as part of the entire plan. She performs another strike by attacking the embassy as he changed one of the sons into stone in the way. As Diana was enraged, he almost killed gorgon. However, Medusa comes to the rescue of the Gorgon. Medusa does this by offering a challenge to Diana by calling Ares. Diana had to accept the challenge as it came in the name of Medusa

The fighting is staged at the baseball as Ares transmits it into the world. The fight appears to be exceedingly brutal. Diana keeps fighting by blind as she uses her cloths and snake venom which she pours into her eyes. In the end, Diana appears to be victorious just like she had done before. In the end, Medusa appears to be decapitated. Her plans are brought to an end as she had planned to turn the viewers into stones. When the fight ended, the head of Medusa is made as part of the Athena's Olypmus takeover. The head is used to turn Zeus' champion into a piece of stone, which diminish her plans of turning viewers to stone. After this, Medusa was seen as a stone involved with Morrigan's stone head. This creature was a trinity of death goddess. In her eyes are legendary gazes that make people want to have a view every time she opens them. After some time, the entire story is turned when it comes to the revelation of people that Medusa is still alive and aware of everything that happened to her. Further information claims that she plans to have her tears turn people into stones while their bodies are reduced to slag. This scares many people like Morrigan who has mocked her presence.

Medusa is an artistic exemplification that brings to audience a number of configurations of horror and sensational living in the world. It is a common thing to find scary thing in the television when one opens it past ten o-clocks in the night. This is a feature used to capture the attention of its people in and out of the display field. Most representations are made in the form of drawings. Now, horror movies and other materials are becoming rampant in the society. It is normal to find several horror acceptances among people, though some people cannot just tolerate them

Medusa specializes in revealing horror happenings through most of her writings. She claims that horror writing and playing are a common happening in her life. She does not find it hard to engage in worlds and happenings that appear horrendous in nature. For instance, she admits that, as part of writing and drawing, she has to make considerations into her pieces of writing in order to make sure they please the audience by not appearing as titles to books. She makes splits of her work in order to make them appear as painless horrendous plays that are captivating and appealing to many audiences. This is a vivid undertaking that strikes to bring a comical difference between Medusa and Circe art. Medusa in itself is a queen of monsters. She appears horrendous in it in order to have a full exemplification of the message to be transpired to the people

According to Medusa, horror is a field that engages people for a number of reasons. As depicted in Circe stories, people are curious to know of what takes place in every move made by the audience. One will find them trying to figure out what is taking place. What scares people appears to be the central factor amidst the reasons why people get scared in the first place. Therefore, Medusa art exemplifies people's curiosity to engage in them. Horror is a form of art that captures curiosity among individuals. People have a burning desire to see violent spectacles. This is part of the normal life to many audiences. As Medusa exemplifies it, people engage in violent spectacles after having experience of eye and attention. Horror movies depict how characters can be spectacular in fear and violence. Nonetheless, sublime is another feature navigated through Medusa writing and drawings. It is worthwhile to find sublimation as the main feature that differentiates between what is good and bad for people to engage in horror.

People enjoy horrors for a number of reasons. To some people, it is just fun to see scary features appear before the eyes of other people as they react to them. Horrors have a mix of disgusting and fearful materials that scare many people. People find it very fine to view these scary things. As people try to get inclined away from the materials, they depict their response mechanisms that prevent them from having a long sight of these features


Circe is a legendary goddess that is found in Greek pantheon of superheroes like the superman. This creature has a number of charming spectacles and poison used to scare people and convert them into slaves. Most visitors who visit Circe are likely to be converted into slaves of her kingdom. Various events and circumstances are the making of the Circle as exemplified by pop culture. Circe is a singer. She composes and writes songs for people to sing. She also sings them alone and in coordination with other people. She has connections that link people and countries to musical genres like jazz, hip-hop and blues. She is related to pop culture in several ways. For instance, she is named in various fashion materials. She is related to modern culture since she appears as part of cartoonist's drawings dating back to olden days. For instance, the artistic difference between Medusa and Circe is that the message is transfigured to the innate desire of the people without having to make considerations to the looming changes of culture and people's way of life

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