A rice pilau prepared by her is unique and outstanding due to her excellent skills in its preparation. In fact, family members are always able to differentiate a rice pilau that she has prepared with any other. As the day for the special occasion approached, there were no any indications that Aunt Rose would be available. The most suitable alternative was to hire an expert caterer. The organizing committee sourced for quotations from several caterers. Some caterers' charges were exorbitant, and others seemed not to be quite efficient. The committee finally settled on one caterer who seemed to be promising. He was allowed the go ahead to be the caterer of the day and was paid the required deposit so that he can commence the preparations for that day.

Two days to the occasion, the caterer cancelled the offer indicating that he has been involved in unavoidable circumstances. He refunded the deposit and apologized for all the inconveniences that he caused. Fortunately on the same day Aunt Rose's supervisor granted leave as he had managed to recall another employee who was on leave to come and stand in for her. It was jubilation in the whole family when the news of Aunty Rose presence arrived.

Aunt Rose together with other family members shopped for all the ingredients required for all the meals. Each family member was allocated for a duty in food preparations. Due to everybody's co-operation everything went on well as schedule. Aunt Rose helped in food service. She used the opportunity to teach other family members how to prepare delicious meals. Additionally, she taught us food service skills. The food was wonderful, and everybody enjoyed it.

Family meal time

Most families manage to gather together mostly during breakfast or during supper. In most families, the mother directs on family diet. Breakfasts are usually have very minimal time for members of the family need to break for their daily chores. Some family members use the opportunity to pray together as they begin the day, plan the day's activities as well as wish each other good luck. The food served during breakfast should be a well balanced diet in order boost the body metabolic system throughout the day. Hot drinks such as tea or coffee are served to rehydrate the body and to warm the body as mornings are normally a bit cold (Berg 5). During supper, family members discuss the individual's events of the day. It is during supper that most people do storytelling and share their experiences with each other.

My experience in cooking and serving food

Not so long ago, another aunt of mine who lives far away from our town visited us unannounced together with his family. I was very excited and decided that I should make for them a memorable dish. I decided to prepare a delicious rice meal commonly known as pilau and serve it with beef stew. I brought together all the ingredients required as I had been taught by Aunt Rose. I carefully followed the recipe she gave me step-by-step. Everybody enjoyed it and congratulated me for the good food. They were so encouraged that Aunt rose has managed to groom other family members to be good cools.

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