I look up to the front of the church as the organ becomes quiet and the congregation sits. The church is full today as every pew is filled to the brink with some children forced to sit on the floor. Everyone is covered in their Sunday dress with bright dressed, slick suites, spring hats for the women, and makeshift ties for the children. Pastor Newton begins to speak and the mass of faces turn completely to him. .

"Good morning people," spoke the Pastor with his deep soothing voice, "It is so good to see all of you on this fine morning.".

"Mornin" to you too," the crowd replied happily.

It is this positive image that comes to my mind whenever someone asks about God. That exuberant feeling of comfort and joy that comes with the smile on the entire church's face. It is this description that I relate with God. The feelings of joy and happiness take hold of all aspects of life when God's name is brought into the equation. His power to reach out and inject every member of a crowd with this delightful disease is something which should be cherished by the entire world. Another great aspect of God is his ability to forgive.

Forgiveness is a corner stone of the Christian faith and God is the divine power through which forgiveness passes. Believers have known this for centuries and the power of this belief is alive and well today. I for one am a devout Southern Baptist, and believe that forgiveness from God is there for any who ask, they need only to do just that, ask. God's forgiveness is a special gift that is only given when asked for. The price for this forgiveness is the simple acknowledgement that you accept God and know him for all the spectacular things he is. .

Forgiving God is not something I believe in and remains a foreign concept even after exploration of my own thoughts and values. As a child I attended Sunday school regularly and paid close attention to everything taught to me over the course of my time there.