The game of baseball has changed derasticaly over the past century.

it is played the same way, but everything around it has seemed to change. It is .

almost as if it has lost its purity. Like things that meant so much to the players .

back then, don't mean as much to the players today. .

Everything comes back to the love of the game as it is portrayed through the .

movie Sandlot. It didn't matter where they played or what they played on, they just .

wanted to play the game. They had nothing to play for except for the enjoyment and .

fun that they all got out of playing. The best part about that movie was that they .

wern't even playing against anybody, and if it was, it was themselves. Almost .

practicing, and I'd love to see how many players today would just want to practice .

the game instead of play. .

This all relates back to the purity of the game and how today's players play to .

get that paycheck. Nowadays, you don't, or at least I don't, seem to see many stick .

ball games or baseball games goin on. Baseball doesn't seem to be what it once .

was. The purity is also diminished because the diverisity of baseball is goin down .

the drain. I am sure that you, Mr. Sheridan, read how only 10% of todays players .

are african americans. And, how african american kids are turning to play basketball .

or football, instead of picking up baseball. It is just not fun to them anymore, nobody .

"loves it" like they once did. .

In conclusion, I feel that the love of the game, or purity, has taken a step back .

form what it once was. Things change around the world and baseball is in that mode .

as of now. Kids today are finding better and more interesting sports to play than .

baseball. The game is just goin to have to find a way to get that interest and purity .

back like it once did. .