Richard Wilbur's "A Game of Catch," is basically about a 7th grade boy, Scho, who desperate for any kind of attention, resorts to annoying Monk and Glennie when he feels left out of a game with the two other boys. .

The story starts with Moink and Glennie who are shown to be playing catch in a very harmonious and peaceful environment. They were also playing in a very easy, natural, flowing fluid manner until the arrival of Scho.

Scho, who is gloveless, is invited to join the two boys in the game, however, it quickly becomes apparent that Scho is nowhere near as good in the game as the other two are and has to run far away several times in order to bring the ball back. .

Impatience gets to the other two boys and Glennie suggests that he plays with Monk for a bit and then switches places with Scho giving him his glove. Scho who agrees waits longer than the agreed time and as a result feels left out and frustrated and decides to climb the tree he was sitting under.

From there, Scho begins annoying and ruining the other two boys, teling them "I can make you two guys do anything I want.".

After constantly pestering them by saying he's controlling their every action, Scho irritates Monk to the point where he starts up the tree after him. When Scho takes a hard fall to the ground, Monk and Glennie are worried until Scho weakly gasps, "'I meant-you to do it.'" Glennie and Monk walk away disgustedly, the story ending with Scho's taunt, "'I want you to do whatever you're going to do for the rest of your life!'.

This story underlines the dynamics of a youngster who comes into a situation and asserts a sense of independent control over others. The satisfaction comes in winning in a different way than the other players could understand. Is it not the playing of the game but in the control of the players that such a child as Scho derives satisfaction. .

Scho could not play with the expertise of the other boys, he could not force them to want him to play, but he could make the other boys pay, could break up the game, ruin the "goodtime was had by all" feeling.