The novel is set in Oceania, a superstate that includes the .

continent of America and the British Isles. Most of the action .

takes place in London. The other setting is the village of .

Paddington, which is not very far from London. In addition, .

there are two other superstates with which Oceania is .

constantly at war. These states are Eurasia, which includes the .

entire northern region of Europe, and Eastasia. Authoritarian .

governments or oligarchies control all three superstates. .

Written in 1949, the story is set in 1984, 35 years into the .

future. The novel attempts to give a picture of what modern .

society will look like. It is not a pleasant view, for the story is .

about the struggle of an individual to retain his human spirit, .

sanity, and freedom in the fiercely automated and strictly .

controlled society of Oceania. .


Major Characters .

Winston Smith .

The protagonist and main character of the novel. He is an .

intellectual middle aged man of 39 and a member of the Outer .

Party. He is also an honest man who questions and rebels .

against the lonely and insecure life, stripped of all human .

feelings, in the state of Oceania. He falls in love with Julia and .

is punished for the relationship with her. .

Julia .

A beautiful young girl of 26. Although a worker for the Party, .

she rebels against its ban on love and sex. She falls in love with .

Winston and looks towards him for emotional and physical .

companionship. .

O'Brien .

A shrewd, intelligent man who holds a high rank in the Inner .

Party. He comes across as a friend to Winston in the opening .

chapters of the novel. Later, he turns out to be the informer .

from the Party who turns Winston in and punishes him. He .

epitomizes the brute force and fanaticism of the Party. .

Big Brother .

The head of the Party Ingsoc. Though Big Brother does not .

exist in reality, his presence throughout the novel is .

overwhelming. .

Minor Characters .

Tom Parsons .

A co-worker and neighbor to Winston.