Between 1924-9 the name of this period was called the "Stresemann Years". It was in sphere of foreign relations that the Weimar republic succeeds most. Many people thought that his main aim was to restore Germany back to great status; another debatable question is the extent of its success. .

The arguments for success, fulfilment significant progress was made towards the revision of some of the articles of the T of V, which dominated a foreign policy of the period, he did this through the policy of fulfilment i.e. by fulfilling the terms of the treaty, and Germany could show how unjust and unworkable they were.

The soviet union simultaneously G worked towards agreement with S U, as shown by the treaty of Berlin 1926 which prompted the western powers into a more sympathetic approach to G.

Locarno the achievement of G diplomacy in the stresemann 8 years are vast most important the greater understanding with France as reflected in the locarno treaties of 1925, he tried to avoid locarno becoming a president for the settlement of G eastern borders aiming for their revision at a later date this was successful he also managed to secure guaranteed from F that in the even of a war with Poland in which G was not the aggressor F would not attack G. .

Vision of Versailles after locarno treaty's the first evacuation of the Rhineland took place in 1925 this contrasts with the attitude of the F government to the G suspension of loan repayments in 1923 and the subsequent invasion of the Ruhr. Yet the extension of the F changing attitude towards G must not be exaggerated September 1926 a meeting between stresemann and briand at theory failed to find a solution of the contentious issue in G of Frances continued occupation of the rhine land. There was not enough political will power in F to bring about withdrawal however a solution was linked to reparation repayments by the young plan in 1929 - 30. This was testimony to both the desire of all parties to find a collective solution to the problems facing them and their success of Stresemann tactics to affect a revision of versaille, .