The start of this film there are the title that been show along side with the background of fire which it red, gold and look warm but also there is smoke that look like some thing is burning. After the title disappeared there is like the story of film like give some clue to the audience of what is the film about. Then film is starting to begin by showing of somewhere that look nice, warm and quiet with Maximus" hand wiping the grass, it look like the farm or cornfield, from this scene there is sound of children laughing playing along side with the slow music and calm. Then is change to the battle scene with the dark and grey with the sound of wind, music is slow but mysterious. Maximus look worry as he was in Germania, at this time the background is dark, got lots of the burning tree with the sound of horse yelling. Maximus talking to other gladiator, as soon as they was talking about the people that they sent to look at the other side, then the horse is riding back with the one that they sent, but back with his head out off his shoulder. The Roman wearing the metal dress with red and gold is like there uniform but Germania army just wearing anything that will keep them warm with the earthy colours. One of the Germania army is appear with the head in his hand, as soon as he say something out the other Germania army are appearing. The music start getting faster and loud, sound of cheering and happy from the Germania army. The sound of screaming, shouting and the music getting even more faster with the excitement tune. The fires, swords, spears and tomahawks are used as the weapon.

In the first ten minutes, we see how Maximus would like to be happy then going to war this is because from the beginning when it show his hand was weeping the glass as it set in farm, it look nice and warm as look like it was in late summer. Also there is the music and sound of children laughing. Then it changed to the battle scene, the way it show it like flashing back to his old time.