Glenn Beck: "Glenn Beck: Most 'controversial' Super Bowl ad." Glenn Feb 8, 2010. Accessed Feb 8, 2010 from

In a recent transcript posted to your Web site, you write about the controversial pro-life advertisement that ran during the Super Bowl. The transcript is entitled, "Glenn Beck: Most 'controversial' Super Bowl ad." The ad features Tim Tebow and his mom, and is a lighthearted if not "cheesy" depiction. You are absolutely correct in calling the ad "cheesy." You are also correct in the general observation that the ad at face value is harmless. it's just Tim Tebow's mom talking about how glad she is to have her son, and Tim hugging his mom in a light and fluffy commercial paid for by a Pro-Life organization. It is in fact the cheesiness of the ad that makes it so effective. Tugging at the heartstrings of consumers is exactly what advertising is designed to do, whether selling a product or a point-of-view. Free speech continues to guide the airwaves, although I will admit I would not want to see an ad for a neo-Nazi group or anything that implies hatred or harm towards other human beings. The Tebow ad, however, is well within the range of acceptable freedoms of speech.

Understandably, you and Pat criticize the "left" for loudly deeming the advertisement offensive. You lash out especially against Planned Parenthood and NARAL. As you well know, it is the express duty of Planned Parenthood to oppose any anti-abortion point-of-view. With all due respect, Planned Parenthood cannot be called a leftist extreme" group. They are just an organization that helps women educate themselves about their options for birth control and family planning. Planned Parenthood does not force people to have abortions, but they do wish for the right of all Americans to opt into or out of childbirth. As unpalatable as that idea sounds to you, it's still a part of the freedoms and liberties that you must support as an American.

Simply put, the opposition to the advertisement is as political as the advertisement itself. So it is only fair that groups like Planned Parenthood should voice their opinion as freely as the "Focus on the Family" campaign that sponsored the Tim Tebow advertisement. Either way, organizations are expressing their opinions using the mainstream media. We should all just be respectful of one another's views. I believe in choice but respect the views of those who do not believe an abortion is an ethical thing to do.

When taken at face value, the Tim Tebow ad is indeed completely inoffensive. You are correct. I like the idea that some viewers might think twice about having an abortion -- perhaps that decision is not right for them. it's not an easy decision, and all the options should be carefully weighed. The advertisement might benefit a person who is sitting on the fence. That's fine.

Furthermore, at no point in the advertisement are the terms "abortion" or "pro-life" even mentioned. You understand this. As you state, "It's a mom talking about how special her child is." This makes the ad totally harmless on some level. Viewers from all political points-of-view can relate to the bond between mother and child. I personally believe that abortions do not negate that bond; a woman who has an abortion can still love her mother.

Because of the soft and fluffy tone of the ad, it seems only to support strong family values, or perhaps support spending more time with our mothers. Yet we all know that isn't the goal of the advertisement. The goal of the advertisement is to discourage abortion. And that might not be the best thing for all viewers. I know many…