My goal in writing this paper is to inform the reader about the Help Desk position in the Information Technology field, giving the reader a better idea about what to expect when working in the specific job. .


My report on Helpdesk Support at Menasha Corporation focuses on the Helpdesk position within the I.T. field. I want to help the reader understand the roles and the responsibilities of a helpdesk employee. I will discuss the salary, education requirements, advancement possibilities, work conditions, employee interactions, and the use of tools and electronics.


Salaries for a Helpdesk Employee at Menasha Corporation .

Typically, when a new employee starts as a helpdesk technician, they don't make the greatest in pay. However, the pay is livable. Annually a new employee will generally make about twenty-five to thirty thousand dollars a year starting out. As a helpdesk support employee, I would receive annual reviews with increases in my salary of about three percent, depending on my job performance.

Education Requirements for a Helpdesk Employee at Menasha Corporation.

Tammy Koehler, the IT Department Manager at Menasha Corporation, specified that they generally look for candidates to have at least an associate's degree in some computer related field. She also specifies that they prefer that the degree be in computer networking or some related field. Tammy mentions that once you are a helpdesk employee at Menasha Corporation, your education doesn't really ever stop. Their employees continue with their educations because of the rapid advancements of technology in the IT industry. "It is important to keep up with your education in this field", Tammy said. "Otherwise, you generally get let behind without a job!" .

Advancement Possibilities for a Helpdesk Employee at Menasha Corporation.

The advancement possibilities foe helpdesk employees at Menasha Corporation are endless. Anyone can go as far as they want.