Legalize Gay Marriage

Legalizing gay marriage

Marriage in the early days was a way for people to create an economically secure unit of a society where children were brought up as good hardworking human beings. Now, in the present times, marriage has become more complicated, or, in other words, the reason for two people to get married has diversified. Now people don't only want to get married for the purpose of reproduction, in fact, there are many that don't want children after marriage, but only get married for the purpose of love, security, or sexual satisfaction (Homer, 1987).

Marriage not only brings two people closer in their personal relationship but is the pathway for better-off, healthier and economically secure lives. It is, however, a surprise that something that is as personal to two people as their own identities can be condemned for some genders. Gays and lesbians are not allowed to get married because of the gender preferences. Some of the fierce advocates of the concept of marriage doe not believe that gays and lesbians should be allowed to get married or adopt children. Are they not humans? Do they not deserve happiness and security in their lives (David, 2003)?

It is hard to imagine the hypocrisy that exists amongst those advocates of marriage, who consistently support and encourage people to get married and settle down. These people, over and over again, argue that while man and women can live together under the cover of marriage, gays cannot and should not be allowed to get married. The position adapted by these advocates on marriage has been captured well in T.H. White's satirical formulation, "Everything not forbidden is compulsory (David, 2003)."

Many advocates believe that a marriage is about the children and their proper upbringing. But there have been cases where children have been taken away form their homes, because their parents were gay and not married. How is it possible that these same people can talk about good upbringing of the children when they break their homes because of a technicality (Michael, 1999)?

Gay people are not allowed to be married because the community feels that they cannot bring up children they way that non-gay parents could. We are all aware of the day-to-day sorrows and joys, pains and achievement that we all face as human beings, as friends and as parents. To judge the capability of a parent by the structure of their family is not only wrong it goes beyond and above all the researched that have been done on successful parenthood. It does not matter what the structure of the family is as long as it is built with emotions of devotion, obligation, selflessness, and love in the family. Not a single research or study has proven that a gay or lesbian couple cannot provide the same kind of harmony and love in the structure as a non-gay couple (David, 2003).

There is no proof and no way for anyone to judge that gay couples cannot provide a good household for children and hence shouldn't be allowed to get married. Children can be equally happy and healthy under the guidance of gay parents (Technical Report, 2002).

Just because two gays or lesbians want to get married does not mean that the marriage is going to be a failure. Reasons for failure of marriages are not based on gender. Rather they are based on the lack of proficiency of the couple to provide for each other and their children, the lack of a featherlike figure or the concept of polygamy (David, 2003).

Just because the society relies on the idea of marriage to be the one where babies are created for survival is no justification for the non-allowance of gay marriages (David, 2003).

The disallowance of gay marriages has no affect whatsoever on the behavior of the gay individual. It does not make him more responsible or loving or vice versa. Isn't it possible that a gay couple mighty actually be a better influence on the children as opposed to a family that has a non-gay murderer as a father? Or is it even fair that non-gays can actually go on reality shows and date people they've never met before and gays can't be allowed the normality of a family (David, 2003)?

As mentioned previously, it was in the earlier days that the reason for marriage would constitute the procreation concept; nowadays people have found other reasons to get and stay married. If marriage was still about the good of the children, then should those non-gay couples that are childless be allowed to stay married? If yes, then why gay couples can't be allowed to do the same? If neither of the two cases involves children, then why can't both be treated similarly (David, 2003)?

The message that is being sent out by the disallowance of gay marriage is not benefiting anyone; in fact, it is making the gay youth feel like they are walking to a dead end, like they are a misfit or an inferior to all the others because they cannot enjoy they same kind of liberty in life as they should be able to (David, 2003).

The fact that certain emotions, like the emotion towards marriage, can be made to be so important for non-gays and yet be made so insignificant for the gays. And looking at the bigger picture, the gays aren't the only ones that feel left out or mistreated, it is their families and friends too that have to suffer the discrimination of sharing certain joys, or fear, or pains (David, 2003).

In addition to that the American justice system of treating everyone with equality gets thrown out of the window with restrictions such as those on gay marriages (David, 2003).

Now those that oppose gay marriages are very cynical about the concept of equality that is adapted by the parliaments and the governments, as these might lead to female dominance, same sex marriages, etc. they then also fight against the gays and lesbians as well because they demand the governments to treat them equally. So in a way their fight is against all those that support innovation, the division of church and state, the U.S. Supreme Court, and our central Constitution (David, 2003).

Over the decades, researchers and studies have established the fact that not all marriages are procreation; in fact sometimes marriages are not about procreations at all. However, couples do tend to want to have babies within the sphere of their marriage and are supported by everyone around them to do so. Gays and lesbians are looking to get married too, and are looking to take care of children within the spheres of their marriage but unlike non-gay couples; they are met with fierce rejection and opposition because of their sexual orientations (David, 2003).

The significance of marriage is with the emotional and financial support, its sacred importance, for fulfillment of sexual needs, or to get some substantial and government reimbursements (David, 2003).

Marriage is a spiritual bond, which is shared between tow people and it influences their lives in a way we all want our lives to be influenced. To deny gays or lesbians the right to go through those emotions just because they are interested in the different sex form what is norm is not only wrong, it is unfair (David, 2003).

It comes as a shock that the advocates of marriage, that portray themselves to be the well-wishers of all the people would be so intolerant and revolting against the happiness and experiences of gays and lesbians who at the core are also humans, sharing the same joys, fears, anxieties, etc. As non-gays. Why would such people continue to want to exclude this section of our society from the concept of marriage when researchers and…