How a primary group differs from a secondary group?.

A primary group is composed of people who are emotionally close; who know each other well, and seeks another's company. The members of a primary group enjoy being together, and think of themselves as "We". Their relationships are intimate, personal and fulfilling.

Primary groups provide their members with emotional support though caring, personal, and intimate relationships. Primary groups promote socialization as their members experience new and changing social environments.

Primary groups promote conformity and contribute to social control.

In contrast secondary groups exist to accomplish a specific purpose. Unlike a primary group, a secondary group is impersonal and goal oriented; it involves only a segment of its member's life. These groups promote impersonal interactions involving limited parts of their member's personality. The purpose of these groups is to accomplish a task not to enrich relationships.

While in the service my behavior around the troops was vastly difference from my behavior at home. My subordinates as well as my peers where part of my secondary groups. During working hours I was demanding yet understanding (with in the limits of reason). During duty hours I was constantly evaluating not only my troops, but also my own performance. The day started with a Platoons Sergeants meeting underlining the different tasks to be accomplished that day, and ended with the meeting to report the outcome of the morning's goals.

Then in the afternoons, weekends, and after duty hours I learned that my primary groups (i.e. my friends, family) didn't have to neither report nor underline a plan to solve a tasks as my secondary groups had to. This was a serious problem during the first few years after my responsibilities grew with my position within the rank structure because I didn't know how to separate one from each other.

One phenomenon that has puzzled thru the years was the noticeable changes that occur from the moment I became a leader.