Something that I think every driver needs to know, is how to change a tire. I will give you directions on how to change your tire if you ever need to use this information. A flat tire could happen to anyone at any time. You should be prepared just in case it would happen to you. Most vehicles will have an owner' manual, which will tell you where to look for the jack and the spare tire. You should make sure that your spare tire is properly inflated, and you have all the necessary tools before you drive off. .

First thing you should do if you are driving down the road and you have a flat tire is to find a good spot to stop your car. You will need to pick a flat area that is completely off the road away from traffic. It could ruin your rim to drive on a flat tire, but you need to be out of danger from other vehicles. Pick a good spot that has level ground. It is very important that your car's wheels do not roll. You will need to place a car that has an automatic transmission in park or a car that has straight transmission needs to be in reverse. Turn off the engine. Use parking brake. Turn on your hazard lights to let other cars know that you are there. .

You along with any passengers should get out of the car and stay out of the car away from the line of traffic. Lift your trunk and get your spare tire, jack and lug wrench out of the trunk. Remove the hubcaps. Using the lug wrench, begin to loosen the lug nuts from the tire. The lug nuts will probably be very tight. You will need to use your strength to turn the tool counterclockwise on the lug nuts. The lug nuts should only be loosened not off. .

Now, place the jack under the axle near the wheel to be changed. The jack will touch the car at a small plate on the frame. The plate is located just in front of the rear tires, and just behind the front tires. Put the jack handle on the jack. Do not raise car until you make sure the jack is upright in the right position and not tilted.