Topic: Humans do not have the right to experiment on animals.

The topic that I have chosen is animal rights and the issue is; "Humans do not have the right to experiment on animals". I agree with this issue as animals are living creatures and deserve a proper chance at life.

So many animals die due to being used as experiments. In 1988 and 1989, 48,168 animals died due to a result of experimental procedure. Some of these animals were cats, dogs, rabbits and guinea pigs. All 48,168 animals died not by choice these animals died as humans were using them for experiments. .

Animals are suffering to benefit human beings. Out of sixty medical researches tested on animals only twenty were to benefit animals. It might be great that the research can benefit humans but during the whole process they are killing, traumatising and injuring innocent animals.

Animals are even killed for fashion. Every year around 40 million mink and 5 million foxes are killed to become a fashion statement, a fur coat. These foxes and minks are kept in tiny cages and receive small amounts of water to drink. It can take from 10 to 24 foxes just to make one "foxy" fur coat. How is this even necessary? These coats aren't benefiting anyone, they are just there for fashion statements.

Cosmetics are tested on animals. These animals include dogs, rats, rabbits, cats and mice. Some of the products tested on the animals are lipsticks, moisturises, cleaners and nail polishes. The animals are forced to consume these product, they consume roughly half their own body weight. They also test these products on the animals eyes and also they shave the rats and apply thick amounts to their skin. The rats are then killed so an autopsy can be conducted. Once again these animals suffer and soma are killed only for the benefit of humans.

Many humans buy animals as pets and they agree to feed it, love it and treat it well, yet so many dogs and cats end up at pounds and places like the RSPCA.