Environmental specialist with mechanical engineers working in this area.

Appliances and machinery. When appliances and machinery are found wet, turn off the electricity at the main fuse box or circuit breaker. Then, unplug appliances and let them dry out. Make a board or a sign that alert people not to touch any appliances or machinery or any electrical items. This cautionary measure can help inspector as well as people around to take care of them. Technical specialist are fixing all the broken appliances and making new ones.

Water and sewage systems. It is likely that pipes would have been damaged due to the disaster. Turning off the main water valve will be right option to do at that moment. Also water should immediately be checked to make sure it is not poisonous with gasses and liquids. In case of contamination of water, the main water supply to be cleared with local authority and water pipelines to be permanently changes to avoid any king of risk that can affect person's life. Architectures with environmental specialist are working on it.

Food and other supplies. The entire food item in the area would have been contaminated. Therefore it has to be removed or dumped. Basements of food storage would also have been badly affected therefore items from there should also be thrown away. It is quite a lot waste of resources and money but when compared to saving human life its nothing. Agricultural land should first be intoxicated by using anti-bacterial fertilizers and medicines so that the future vegetation should not be insect affected. Training programs should be conducted for people living and working in the affected site on how they can life a healthy life and take care of their food and drinking. These training programs should not be focused on educated working class but it's evenly important for uneducated middle class people who are depended on agriculture and supply of food items as small retailers. Help of medical professionals, doctors and specialist in this case would be highly recommended. School should run programs of cleanliness to maintain health and hygiene of the community. Psychiatrists, health and hygiene specialist are collectively looking after it.

Environmental Analysis and Recommendations

The natural disaster like floods, earth quake, volcano and hurricane all lead to pollution of the environment. Poisonous gasses and minerals erupting from these disasters contaminate the environment that adversely affect the health and well being of people living and working in those areas. All the factories and manufacturing concerns in the affected areas have to be rebuilt. In rebuilding the site, insurance amount have to be used to fund the reconstruction of all these properties. When rebuilding such resources special emphasis has to be made to ensure that architectural design and physical structure of the building is such that it can stand such disasters in the future thus resulting in minimum possible destruction. The industrial regulation board of the community should take in-charge of rebuilding the sector and help them in making construction plan and executing with it.

Rebuilding of the residential plots from its constructional design to its facility provided is also of core importance. All the major changes like ventilation system, water supply, sanitation system, entertainment facility and recreational centers all have to be restored and rebuild. The reconstruction of resources should always be maintained with developmental approach by introducing new techniques to minimize the adverse effects of these disasters in the future.

Educational institutions, public offices, private offices, entrainment venues like theaters, restaurants, clubs, hotels etc. all have to be reconstructed and should not be in any ways given less importance because it is important for maintaining the livelihood and mental and physical well being of the individuals. In these entire efforts healthy environment with clean surrounding should be focused.

All these functions are not responsibility of one specific domain rather it is the collective efforts of environmental specialist, Psychiatrists, health and hygiene specialist and financial specialist looking after the successful operation of the project…