Creation and manipulation of Database.

I am going to make a database for Dave Harris, in business selling clothes for men and women. The business is called "Nature-. Dave Harris is Jamaican and is a manager of "Nature-. The business is local in Swadlincote and is based in High Street. His problem is he doesn't know which clothes come from which wholesalers and its price. He asked me to sort the clothes out and make a report for it.


I am going to do this project by computer. If I were going to do it by hand, it would take longer and tiring. The chance of losing the project is higher than if I am going to do it on the computer. On the computer you can backup the work you have done and by hand, you need to copy all the work again as a backup and the work won't be neat as if you done it on the computer. The project I am going to do is specially to use with database and if I am going to do it on the word processor, I wouldn't be able to keep the work as records and if I want to find for example a project, I would need to do extra work on hyperlink and it wouldn't look nice on the project.

Reasons for Database.

I am going to use the database because it can stores data well, it can sort the data, and I can search on the database for the records I am looking for. You can produce queries and report. You can produce forms, which can include images.


The user needs to understand the database in simplest form.

The user wants report of all clothes under different prices range from the wholesalers.

The user wants another report to separate all the clothes under different category.

The user want to search all on Bob Marley clothes.

The user want wholesalers and the shop "NATURE- in table and forms.

Record where all the wholesalers are..