Important festivals include; Eid ul Fitr and Eid ul Adha.

3 billion Muslims in the world; also it is the world's second largest and fastest growing religion. Islam was founded 610ad by a man named Mohammed who was born about 570ad in Mecca. He grew up to be a respectable trader, Husband and father. He was also known as "the trusted one" but he was not very happy. In this time polytheism reigned (people worshipping many Gods) and he thought this was wrong. On a trip he took he had a vision of an angel who said "There is only one God and his name is Allah, Worship him". After this he began to preach this message. Mohammed continued to have revelations (visions) throughout his life. These revelations were passed on by word of mouth as Mohammed could not read or write. After his death they were written down and named the Quaran which is their Holy Book. This Holy book is what they believed to be the word of Allah which was written in Arabic.

Muslims try to memorize it off by heart. They have to read it every day. Before they can read it they have to wash their hands as a sign of respect. Muslims are not allowed to turn their back on the Quaran and they have to hold it above waist level. Because of this it is often placed on a stand. .

The star and crescent moon symbol is their symbol. .

People of hot desert countries travelled at night because it was cooler. The stars are their guide and the moon lights the way. Islam guides its followers on the journey of life. Islam means- Submission to God. A Muslim strives to submit to God. About 21% of people on Earth follow Islam and about 85% are the Muslim majority= Sunni Sect.

The minority (Shia) are concentrated in Iran and Iraq. .

What is Ramadan?.

Ninth month on the Muslim Calendar. It is different from ours. This is the month that Mohammed received the teaching from Allah. During this time they fast for 30 days during daylight hours- Old, young, ill and pregnant are excused from this.