I really enjoyed the film version of Jane Eyre.

similarities and also many differences. There were two film versions of this.

novel, but I watched the one with William Hurt as Rochester in 1996. Even though.

he is much too handsome in appearance to look like Rochester in the book, I still.

like how he plays Rochester. Although I noticed in the movie that his hair is dirty.

blond, on the other hand it was jet black in the novel, as Jane describes it like a.

Ravens. As a movie it is beautifully acted and filmed. It captures the romantic.

aspect of Jane and Rochester's relationship very well. However, while it is a.

beautiful and romantic film, they really needed to make it much longer. It is very.

good, but it could have been so much better then.

There are some other major differences too. In the book, Jane get.

married to Rochester finally after he is blinded and they have kids. But in the.

film, Rochester asked Jane if she has come back to him and she says no, and.

leaves him later. There were also scenes inserted and deleted from the movie.

that were and weren't in the book, for example, the scene where Rochester is.

disguised as a gypsy trying to gain knowledge of Jane's love for him is not in the.

movie. The movie does help, but you have to remember that all scenes from the.

book aren't in the movie and there are also some additional scenes in the movie.

that weren't in the book.

Anyway. I don't think it matters whether the film adaptation 'slightly.

changes' the story or not. When you've read the book, you know what else.

happened apart from what you see in the film. And that's what's wonderful,.

because no film will ever provide as much detail as the book.