Black Women's Reconstruction & Their Subjugation Today.

Black Women's Reconstruction & Their Subjugation Today.

During the early years of New World Slavery, a national acceptance of racist and immoral behavior was spreading. The development of this grossly unjust ideology was a precursor to the extremely violent post Civil War attacks experienced by newly freed ex-slaves. A relationship between postbellum violence and Jim Crow reconstruction policies showed that hatred and racial inequality would be seemingly forever tolerated in the United States so long as dominant society was not forced to commerce with racial issues in an up-close and personal manner. Today, the Jim Crow reconstruction legacy of moral apathy still favors allowing oppression and cultural inequality to exist under the guise of "equal" opportunity.

The only equal opportunity that African-Americans had was chromosomal, as in connection with birth. Either they were born into a society which viewed black males as dangerous, lazy, and listless, or they were subjected to the slings and arrows which all women endure but ever so much worse for the black woman of that time. Such as, during the reconstruction civil rights movement, voting privileges were sought - for black men. Class issues abounded as white society saw all blacks as residing below them on food chain where they would always be subservient.

Jim Crow's Feminine Side 3.

Likewise, blacks were unworthy of the freedom that whites enjoyed, so it was of little consequence to deny them their civil rights. If they were so brutish and mentally backward, what would they even know to do with those rights? Surely, they wouldn't vote or hold public office; those ideas were laughable to the average white person of the time because it was so unimaginable. .

The relationship between the manner in which blacks and whites were made "separate but equal" and the manner in which women's rights were neglected (i.