The justice of supreme court Anthony Kennedies legalize the same sex marriage on appeal of one person but Stacy does not like the idea of going to court for this matter. Stacy also focuses on the idea of redefining the faithful relationship. Stacy told that she know many of couples who turn disloyal from integrity. Many couples decided to agree on an open relationship so that they could stay together without any unfaithfulness as it could give them more happiness.

Stacy forces the audience to reconsider the idea of typical marriage life and refresh their ideas about polygamy. In her travel and research she pokes and prods and eagerly calls the questions that came into our mind about love, marriages and relationships. The book covers all family or marriages discussion by challenging conservative, feminists and proponents of same sex marriage.

In my opinion Unhitched is really an incredible and interesting book. The writer has almost cover all the questions in order to challenge the myth that children need both mother and father to become a happy family or that the only way of caring your lover is to get married. She makes an original approach in unhitched which is emerged out as a deep journey to three different cultures which covers gay men in Los Angeles, South African families with an emphasis on polygamy and a non-marrying chine's tribe. She finds out the stress between desires and domesticity and the outcomes can a relationship assumes. It is a complete research but Stacey writes all this with verbenas and witness.

It is surprising that Stacey did not hesitate to ask questions on conventional wisdoms. This book has changed many of my views about plural marriages and gay fatherhood did not have an idea that gay men easily adopt children of any race, class and even health status. writer just redefine the term polygeny by comparing the situations of United States (where same sex marriage is restricted) to south Africa (where people got legal right for same sex marriage). She takes the polygeny as a good deal offered to and by the people who are agreed to take social and economic responsibilities for their sexual urges and privileges.

On the other hand, why one should not like about the Mosuo, where sex and love separated from economic and parental obligations that exists in our society? The mother and family of the mother is the centre of life where all others care for kids. This is the place where men live, work and eat but at night they are free to visit any women they want. There is no concept of unfaithfulness women can freely refuse the men. There is no concept of conflicts with in-laws as male has to face few allegations from the family. Also no fatherlessness as children from one women are treated as full siblings, but still marriage is not forbidden. Stacy points out that to establish such society it requires great comfort level to carry out such cultural values but she also recommend this lifestyle.

Society is under threat of tourism and capitalism so I am grateful to learn about all places Stacey used in 10 years of search and I am glad to know about all partnerships discussed in the book. I like the view point of Stacy and specially her message that "like it or not, family diversity is here to stay. There does not exist anything which we call "normal family." I think it's time to make new policies that could support the diversity and that mean not privileging marriage. Whether or not you agree with my observations, "Unhitched" will give you a refresh prospective and it's a very good read.

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