These last few months have been sorry ones. The actions in which we have taken on have played over and over in my head, and I am finding it so hard to deal with. I realize that the path we have chosen was definitely the wrong one, and even though I accepted it, the consequences of my choices and what is happening now is unimaginable at this time. .

I was so happy when I received your letter telling me of your next step as Thane of Cowder. I am sure it was a step that made you happy too! But I am afraid that my drive to act on the witches prophecies was to be our downfall. The idea of you being king has been so great that I lost touch with the reason. When the idea of murdering the king was brought to my attention, I knew you were hesitant on going forward with this act. I pushed you to do it and now that I realize it may not have been the right thing to do, I am sorry. If I only possibly left the decision to you, we would have been better off.

What I did, I did only for you. For you to be king, how could I see that we would drift apart and be worse off? Just the idea of you being king I thought would make me happy and I just knew that I had to push you to fulfill your potential. Doubt had crept into my mind on the night of Duncan's murder. I would have done it myself if he had not looked like my father. He was resting so quietly and innocent in his sleep, there was no way I could have brought myself to do it. So you had to. Who could have imagined that this man would have had so much blood pour out of him? The blood had left a mark, one that will never go away. I am afraid that it has done the same for you. Many nights I would wake up and the blood would haunt me day and night.

The murder of MacDuff's family was just too much. Sometimes I can hear the cries of the women and children as they are being killed, and it hurts me so that my decision led to their deaths. .

The souls of the victims of our greed have eaten away at my spirit.