America the land of opportunity, or is it? In the first wave of colonists to arrive in America, populations that started off in the thousands were whittled down to hundreds, by harsh winters, disease, and starvation. The settlers that came afterwards didn't have it much better, lack of land, the threat of Indian attacks, and the explosive situation with the French, made it hard for the settlers to build a life for themselves. .

The colonists saw America as the land of opportunity, many of them had probably been told stories about how a man came with no money, and built an empire with farming. Once they reached America it was a different story. They did have a lean slate to begin with, the land was fertile, and animals were plentiful. The first, and second waves of immigrants changed this though, they over hunted, and over farmed the land. They brought new animals that took over the ecosystem.

The areas were also split up by different groups, and religions, so if you weren't a Puritan you couldn't live in that area, or if you weren't Dutch you couldn't live there. So a settler had to first find an area to live in where he would be tolerated by the other colonists around him. Then he had to find some way to make money, and then some one to sell it to. The Trade Acts didn't help new settlers, because they couldn't sell there goods to other colonies without paying a tax on it. .

America also held a lot of opportunities for people who didn't have a reason to stay in England. The example of a second or third son is a good one. They have no reason to stay in England, because they will not get anything from there father once he dies so they go to America to find there fortune.

America was a land that held many opportunities, if you were able to find land to farm in, then with the help of indentured servants, and slaves you could earn a profit in the years to come. The towns began to larger, and so did the demand for people such as blacksmiths, carpenters, and other people who are necessary for a thriving town.