Many landowners are getting nervous because they sense that things are changing. They strike at big government, labor unity, and new taxes; but these things are results not causes. Many of these landowners are being thrown off their land and left to fend for themselves. This causes a big disturbance between many of these families.



Landowners-Many of these landowners are being thrown off of their land and having technology replace them.

Tractor-Tractors are the machines that are replacing some of the landowners. They take the place of the common working man, by doing all of his work. .

The narrator of the story comes from the point of view of an outsider. Because of this, you can get a bigger picture of what is happening to all of the landowners as a whole instead of individual ones. He explains what happened to many families, but it could have had a different effect if it was told from the point of view of a landowner. .

The central conflict of the story is that all of these landowners are having their land taken away from them. The author explains this by describing how the world is sensing a change.

The setting takes place back in the early 1900's. Much of the story is told from a depressing viewpoint, describing the bad effects of what was happening.

The author makes many theories about how life is during this time period. He talks about how life is sensing a change. For instance, he gives the example on how a family was replaced by a machine. He talks about how this machine took the place of man by doing all of his work.

The author seems to want the reader to realize what was going on during this time period. He wants you to feel how these families felt and the hardships that they had to go through.

This story says that being an American is not always easy. Sometimes no matter how hard you work, you can't always become rich. Hard work can sometimes amount to the same as no or little work.