" That is "beckanese" for "songs are a form of learning." The singer/ songwriter Beck Hansen seems to use his own made up language in his songs. Although, there is no official language called "beckanise", he is still able to influence people with his metaphorical songs. Reading Beck Hansen's lyrics are very similar to reading poetry; as a matter of fact; many of his songs were once poems. In the song, "Loser", he shapes pop culture by stating that if one is a loser one should change. This song consists of two and a half verses. The first one describes how he is a loser, similarly the second describes other kinds of losers. The last one gives him an ultimatum, either he changes or he someone must kill him.

These are possibly the most crucial lines in his argument of him being a loser. According to the first line one might be a loser if he or she is behind on time.

In the time of chimpanzees I was a monkey .

Butane in my veins so I"m out to cut the junkie .

With the plastic eyeballs .

Spray paint the vegetables,.

This could be a metaphor for many things. For example, "chimpanzee" could be someone that is computer literate and "monkey" could be someone who is unable to operate computers and electronics. This single line gives good example on how Beck describes how he is a loser. One could relate to these lines if they do not understand the material in class and end up falling behind. It is not always possible for everyone to be on the same page, therefore at times we could be called "monkeys". This line teaches its audience to try and be like everyone else and not to fall behind. .

Secondly, he changes the subject from himself to others. In the second verse he lists other losers and their habits. With the line,.

Trade the cash for the beef for the body for the hate .

And my time is a piece of wax .

Fallin' on a termite who's chokin' on the splinters.

He points out that people spend money for hamburgers which causes obesity, in turn, creates conflict.