My first piece, "Life in a box" was inspired by something in me that wanted to write something that didn't make complete sense at first glance, but had a deeper meaning to it. Making it rhyme was pretty easy, but comparing my similarities to those of a cabinet was pretty tough. I"m proud of the fact that I finished all 20 lines of it, an definitely would have worked more on the wording with more time. I feel that my final copy was good despite some flow and wording issues.

My values statement, "The Traits That Make Me" was my least inspired piece. It was hard to come up with my personal virtues and ideals, then put them into an elongated essay. I"m not really proud of much in this piece, and with more time I would have worked on something else. I feel bad about the final version of this paper.

The reshaped college essay piece that I did , "A Time Long Lost" was inspired by branching off of another essay I wrote. It took a lot of thinking to remember that day such a long time ago and put them into an essay. I"m proud of the way I tried to balance my "slice of life" , and reflection, I probably would have worked on the overall effect of this piece with more time. I feel that my overall output on this piece though was satisfactory.

My works in progress essay, "sacrifice" was a fun piece to write. The combining of my 3 mismatched sentences that spelled out a futuristic sci-fi fantasy piece inspired me. I wanted to write something with some depth to it, not a story that starts and ends in 2 pages of text, so I wrote an intro piece. I"m proud of the uniqueness of my piece, and how my sentences fit into it, with much more time I would have most certainly worked on the length of this essay. Overall I like the way this piece turned out.

I wrote my wild card essay, "Protection By Seclusion" as a reshaped version of the previous version of it. It is a 20 line metaphor poem that when reshaped I evened out the syllables on each line to give it more flow, and I enhanced my wording.