Summary of book.

The first man arrival in America is thought to occurred by approximately .

25000 BC. The first arrival were migrant hunters , of mongoloid race they.

entered the continent from Asia by crossing the Bering stairs .It is probable .

that ice blocked this passage during certain period and it is believed that was .

between 10000-23000BC,radiocarbon dates obtain that man occupied the .

Andean aria as early as 22000 years ago. The earliest migrant to the Andean.

Area filtered from north to south through the highlands and coastal regions.

The Incas concentrated all their effort on unification and in over coming the .

Difficulties of the environment with bronze age technology.

Physical appearance)Most of them have straight black hair ,little body hair .

Reddish-brown or yellowish-brown skin and dark brown or black eyes also.

Characteristic of all mongoloid babies is the blueish-purple mark just above .

And between the buttocks. Incas had adopted well to the highlands environment .

They had broad shoulders and deep chests with lungs whose capacity was .

Expanded to obtain more oxygen . They also had well developed legs.

Personality)A mixture of ambition and idealism ,combined with a realistic.

Approach to the inherent qualities of the environment ,enable them to bring .

Some economic improvement and security to their subject ,although they .

Achieved this at the expense of individual freedom .One improvement was an .

Assured food supply at all time .

Food and drink) The basic of the diet were maize, potatoes and quinua which .

Were stored domestically by every one between harvests. The dishes most .

Commonly cooked were soups . Everyone ate twice a day. They also had .

Different kind of drink which they use to make out of maize and molleberries.

But using of these drinks in regular days was forbidden and it was for special .

Occasion or religion festival .

Language) The numerous small political units which the Incas united under.