It's not just the nautical adventure across the seashore in quest of shells and admiring their beauty, the novel Gift from the Sea is a brilliant, refined stuff that is full of richness of milieu and its impression on person's life, heavily accented with colors, sounds and smells of different stages of life experienced by a woman. Lindberg story travels speedily from her childhood, complete with a capricious teenage love towards nature and its resembles to the life exhibited in her writings followed by her struggle making her marriage life successful while maintain the right balance between her career and family. In maintain this balance she has many times had to foregone her desires, her values and norms and her principles over that of her husband's and her children. Lindbergh's direction is never tyrannical. The sensitivity with which she approaches women's social issues extends to her careful observations of the seashore and shells. The organic source of her representation and romantic metaphors adds a visionary element to the work. The only human character of any sort is the singular narrative voice. While it advocates the author's presence, the raconteur seeks to achieve certain anonymity. The "I" of the narrator provide authority to Lindbergh's philosophical illustration while successfully integrating the narrator's voice as a collective voice for all women.

Though Lindberg builds her tale on the bedrock of past memories, she refrains from drowning her readers in detail; however domestic and social nuances are sketched in with light hand, portraying the dilute details of her family and social life. The emphasis has been made on exemplifying the fact of human life with that of a sea shell which she holds in her hand and observes in the beginning of this novel. The shell which she was holding was fresh and new unlike that of her life which has now become dull and gloomy. She recalls, all her life time have been past in looking after her family and now everybody was busy in their own life. This is rule of the nature, woman has to forego everything in her life for the sake of her family and in the end she is always left empty handed. She explains her shape of life has been developed on many other things besides her husband and children. It has established on her background, her childhood, her educational capacity, her conscience, her desires and her aspirations. The role she has played as a daughter, as wife, as a mother and as a citizen and above all as a woman.

We are all curious by nature; in fact that's what makes us human, though proverbially it is the cat that got killed satisfying its curiosity. As someone said, we are wired up for curiosity, but we seem to have lost the ability to indulge it; we have accepted whatever we have been taught and do not bother to question it, or try to find the undiscovered truths. With hoards of fascinating knowledge hidden out there, anyone with a drive to satisfy their curiosity can break the misconceptions and myths that we seem to accept just because they were passed on to us. But despite the fact we have access to so much information that it would not be wrong to say that we are swarmed with it, we are so overworked and preoccupied that we have no time to probe and satisfy our curiosity or to think about things differently than they have been taught to us. In fact, it can be said that we lack the stimulation to question and find answers. This has ignored our ability and creativity…