In the novel "Madame Bovary" written by Gustave Flaubert is based on a young country boy named Charles, growing up with his mother and father. Charles started school a little late, he was fifteen when he first started school. Then when he did finish school, he went off to college to become a doctor. When he became a doctor, Charles went to another town and got married.

Charles the old fifth grade student was often picked on in school. The first day of school Charles went to class feeling strange because he was much older than every one else in his class. One day in class, he had his hat on his knee, when he stood up his hat fell off his knee and everyone in the class laughed at him because he dropped his hat. Then a couple of years later Charles finally finished school, when he finished he went off to medicine school. Charles got through medical school, then took the medical exam and fails the first time. After the first time failing he goes back to take the exam again, but this time he passes and barely manages to become a second-rate country doctor. Then later on in life his mother forces him to marry this widow that she knows, but they did not stay married long because she died. When the widow died Charles thought she would leave him a lot of money, but she fooled him, she did not leave as much as he expected. So Charles goes on with his life and finally decides that he will not worry about his ex-wife no more now that she is gone. He goes to another town, called Tostes, where he practices his medical.

While Charles is practicing his medical in Tostes, he meets this woman, who is his patients daughter. Charles fall in love with the woman, and they decide to get married. Emma and Charles plans to get married and move into a house in Tostes, so they go and get married then they move to Tostes. After the wedding Emma realizes that their marriage is not up to her romantic expectations, because as a little girl she always thought that love and marriage would be a solution to all of her problems.