" (Durgee, O'Connor, and Veryzer)

The advantages of receiving this new information should not be understated. There may be some issues that need to be addressed in order to not ask offensive or degrading questions that could potentially offend customers or make the customer opt out.

The owner decided on a two pronged survey approach. One is for customers, the other for employees. The first customer survey was a free homemade customer feedback webpage. "As the twenty-first century progresses, the consumer's growing information power is bound to transform the marketplace. The one that survives will be the one willing to adapt to the consumer's needs. The old cliche "the customer is king" is about to take on a wholly unexpected and fresh meaning." (Snider)

Signs were created and hung in windows of each location and on each of the register's counters. The signs offered a free twelve ounce drink with the purchase of a slice. The sign gave the URL for the online assessment. The surveys were mainly for parental feedback. The local kids got their parents involved. The promotion did well and was popular for high school aged kids, college age, business and Internet savvy residential customers.

The second survey was a simple paper questionnaire. The paper survey was offered to each buying customer over a two-week period. The surveys were also placed on each table. Feedback was positive and gave surprising details such as: the pizza was considered tasty, the stores were not as clean as the owner thought, home pizza delivery was not consistent, customers preferred paying with credit cards, sports night led to increased sales, etc.

But the surveys also provided ownership an opportunity to provide customers with insight into Pizza Good and why they were in business. "The relationship between consumer information and brand strength can be seen almost daily in the business press. Companies that introduce new products often develop strong brand loyalty. But as competition develops and consumers become better informed about the nature of the product, the product becomes more like a "commodity" and brand loyalty diminishes." (Snider)

Details from the surveys showed that Pizza Good needed the advertising strategy. With the marketing professional, the Pizza Good owner agreed to the following:

Internet Yellow pages

Continued Customer Surveys

Direct email

In store t-shirt & sweat shirt sales

Community Service announced through emails

In conclusion, Philadelphia's Pizza Good is a company that is on the rise. Pizza Good's new success will be built on a foundation of hard work and long hours. But the new tool for success is the excellent internet marketing campaign that will get the name of Pizza Good out there so that the excellent product can be sampled. The objective of increased profits and continued growth is now a reality. There are many advantages and disadvantages when it comes to Internet marketing and Pizza Good seems to have steered clear of the potential pitfalls.


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