Maths is used in almost everything we do weather were playing sport or building a house maths is involved somehow. Maths also helps us in our lives and makes it easier to live in if were good at maths. Maths is also important in finding a job because almost all jobs involve some maths. Maths is very important in sport. So how does maths effect our everyday lives? .

Maths is also important in dealing with money. For example if we are good at maths then it is hard to get ripped off by a shopkeeper, but if was not good at maths we could get the wrong change and not even know. Another example on getting ripped off is if we work 60hrs a week and get paid $20 an hour minus $7 for tax we could work out how much were getting and make sure were getting the correct amount.

Many jobs involve maths somehow. Maths helps us to get a job or be better at our jobs. Say for example you are a builder you need to know a lot about maths because you have to calculate so many things. Such as how much paint, bricks, concrete and so many other things that aren't easy. Which requires a high standard of maths, And if you"re bad at maths you won't be able to do it correctly. Its not only builders that have to be good at maths almost all jobs require standard maths of some sort. .

In sport maths is very important. There are many sports that rely on maths. These are just some of the sports that rely on maths. AFL, tennis, cricket, and many other sports as well. Though sports only require standard maths it is very important in the result. For example in AFL there are four posts and the middle are six points and the outer posts are one point and if this is added incorrectly it could change the game result. In tennis the point system goes like this 15,30,40 and if you win the set you get one point which is also vital in determining the result. Also cricket is important to keep the correct scores. Because there is so much adding up to do.