Being the smart, intellectual being that I am, I decided to further my educational experience. To do this, I decided to absorb information from an outside source, known to some as Mitch Albom. This event took place Wednesday, October 15, 2003 at 7:00 pm in the E.A. Diddle Arena.

After about 17 introductory speakers the man himself took center stage. Mitch Albom. Mitch started with a story explaining why he "didn't need to read off of an outline" because his career of sports writing had descended from many decades of witty writers. To use an outline, he explained, would be to ruin the tradition of the sports writer, an act that he would have no part in. .

Albom than began to reminisce of his experiences with his sociology professor, Morey. After college, it turns out, Mitch had abandoned his once idolized professor. Then one night fate would have it, Mitch saw his dying mentor on television. Ashamed for his backsliding, Mitch decided to visit Morey and pay his last respects. To Albom's surprise, however, this became an every Tuesday ritual. .

After Morey's departure from this planet, Mitch saw a window of opportunity, to highlight what life had taught him in the form of a novel. The novel is based on his experiences with his beloved tutor, and the ever-present notion that "life ends relationships don't." .

The novel had a slow response, but after Oprah gave her condolences the book sky-rocketed into a college freshman course requirement phenomenon. The underlining themes of life, love, and happiness touched the hearts of many freshmen who were coping with their first semester nervous breakdown. .

After the crowd was buttered up with the heart warming semi-motivational speech, Mitch made his move. Then, at this pivotal moment I realized exactly what was going on. I was no longer under the puppy-hugging spell I was minutes before. Although I don't think the crowd was able to slip out of this trance as easily as I was (because there was an incredible line to the book signing table).