Morality is portrayed perfectly in an essay by Jane Tompkins called, ' Indians ' : Textualism, Morality, and the Problem of History. In this essay she discusses about how in history Indians have been treated as morally different than everyone else. For example people are always comparing ' American Ways ' to Indians even now today. Even back then when we came over to America and the Indians were on their land, the Americans still compared them to our ways and never really accepted their cultures and ways of doing things with an exception of farming.

Jane Tompkins in this essay definitely expresses the ways of Indians of always being compared to the ways of Americans. Morality is described as the quality of being morally right, or having moral behavior. Today there are many things that are considered morally right or wrong. One of these things are the ways of religion. Religion is a very important thing these days and it always has been in the past. Today there are so many religions and so many morals that people have to follow its ridiculous.

The most popular moral that the Catholic religion has is that the priests cannot have sex, and not even thinking about sex is aloud. If one were to violate this, it would be considered a moral or a way of living broken and that person would be looked down upon because he or she is not morally right. This is an example of how religion today can be morally right and wrong in two different ways. Morality is a big issue in all directions these days.

One of he biggest issues today is pornography. People have a lot of questions but the most popular is if porn is morally right or wrong. In my opinion people can do whatever they want because it is their body and their decision to pose or have sex for a living. The problem that people have today is that porn is considered morally wrong. Why it is considered morally wrong is because of the obvious reasons, it is very easy to see porn these days and on television they don't .