Utterson is faced with temptation as his curiosity grows.

He begins to lose self-control and lose his professional honor. However, he rejects .

temptation when he gains control and puts curiosity aside. His honor to his friend .

helps him avoid temptation.

Mr. Utterson received a letter, which triggers his curiosity. The letter .

came with a seal that stated, " Not to be opened until the death or disappearance of .

Dr. Henry Jekyll". The seal made Mr. Utterson wish to open it even more. He .

wanted to keep his friend's trust, but his curiosity was compelling him to defy it.

Mr. Utterson gains self-control and rejects temptation. He realized .

that it's one thing to mortify curiosity and another to conquer it. His friend .

entrusted him with the expectation that he would obey his request and not open the .

seal. He realized that his friendship was more important than his own curiosity, so .

he put his temptation aside.

Once Mr.Utterson gained self-control, he avoided temptation .

completely. His professional honor and faith to his dead friend were strict .

obligations to him. Therefore, he placed the letter in the innermost corner of his .

private safe. Once the letter was out of sight he was able to put temptation out of .

his mind.

Although curiosity can be very tempting, Mr. Utterson proved it .

could be avoided with self-control. He realized that keeping his friend's honor was .

very important. By placing the letter away in his safe he could dismiss the thought .

of opening the letter and breaking his friend's trust.