MSW Program)

How did you develop an interest in Social Work? What qualities, skills, or experiences make you an excellent candidate for our urban family social work program?

My interest in social work was developed while I was finishing my degree in sociology at California State University-Northridge. Trained to be skilled in the area of becoming a professional dealing with social welfare, I have pursued the beginnings of a career in social work as a Social Work Assistant for the Family Adult Day Health Care Center (July 2008 to present), Paradise Adult Day Health Care Center (October 2007 to July 2008), and the Ararat Adult Day Health Care Center (July 2007 to October 2007) since graduating in 2007. As a social work assistant, I provide support to individuals or families coping with illness or diseases, which at times included both terminal and chronic illnesses. I also helped clients function within the limitations of their environment, improve their relationship, and solve personal and family problems. My job also included preparing monthly reports, writing progress notes and quarterlies for each client, as well as do data entry. I have also served as a volunteer at the former Queen of Angels-Hollywood Presbyterian Medical Center. I have consistently worked in this field because of my love for working with people.

2. Social Work is a profession with a strong value system in helping people in need. How do you think your personal value system will fit in the field of social work program?

Ever since I started working, I have come to realize that I love being with people and find pleasure in every opportunity I can have to serve others. This, in my opinion, is an important value every social work practitioner and professional must have. Social work is not a discipline alone but it is a way of life that places the welfare of others above one's own. This is a value, which I have learned in the few years that I have served in various institutions of adult health care.

3. What made you decide on a career in Social Work? What goals do you hope to achieve once you obtain a MSW?

I have continually sought to contribute to the human services and medical fields and obtaining a MSW to a challenging management/supervisory position that offers ample skill utilization and growth opportunities. I believe that a MSW will enable me to contribute more substantially not only to making service provision but policy on social welfare more responsive to the needs of the growing population of vulnerable sectors especially in the urban areas.

4. If you have worked in another field, what made you want to change to Social Work?

Before graduation I have worked at the Bank of America for 2 and a half years and at a clothing store for 2 years. While both provided an opportunity for service, the element of serving where I can most contribute and those who need my services most- the vulnerable -was missing. Thus, I have resolved to practice the skills and knowledge that I have been trained with as a sociology graduate.

5. Identify three client populations that might create a value conflict for you, or that might cause you to lose your professional objectivity. Describe what approach you will take in order to work with each population listed.

It is a constant challenge for professionals in the field of social work to maintain professional objectivity, especially with the sectors of society that we serve. Among the different client populations that social workers seek to serve, in…