I was very young when my parents decided to come to the United States. They like many others came to this country in search of a better future for our family. As time went by my memories of Mexico faded and ten years of my life went by without going back to Mexico. Finally in November of 2002 I had the opportunity to go back to Mexico, and meet my mother's family for the first time. In addition to meeting my family I also had the chance to visit my grandparents ranch, and all the amazing things that surround it.

My trip took place in Nayarit, Mexico. I arrived at my grandparent's house on the last week of November. There I had the opportunity to get to know them and meet the rest of my family. I met three of my uncles, and four of my aunts, along with a few of my cousins. Although I was nervous of meeting everyone, they treated me very nice; almost immediately we got to know each other better. I specially enjoyed meeting my uncle Raul and my aunt Antonia. My uncle Raul, told me stories about their childhood in Mexico, and of the time when my grandfather bought the land that they own now. After listening to all of my uncle Raul's stories, I asked my aunt Antonia if she could show me the land that my uncle was referring to. She responded by telling me that she would take me the next morning.

Since my aunt Antonia promised me that she would give me a tour of my grandfather's ranch, I got up early in the morning. I was very anxious to go to a place that my uncle and my grandfather had talked to me about. Both my uncle and my grandfather told me the story of when my grandpa first bought his ranch. He bought it about seventy years ago when he first married grandma, and he has been living there ever since. When my grandfather moved to his ranch he noticed something odd in "El Oro", (The Gold) which is a field nearby his ranch. There were many holes dig up all around the field, as if someone had been looking for something before he move in.