It was my 13th birthday when I bought my first guitar. I bought it off one of my best friends, Tom for $32. It was probably the best thing I have ever done with my life. It opened up new things into my world and I realized I had a great talent. Playing guitar is a passion I have that I never want to lose. .

At first I thought it was too hard, and with what little patience I have, I was always getting angry thinking I sucked. But as I got older and put more time and effort into it I realized that I was good, so I practiced more and more and here I am today; in a band-Malus- and more expirenced than ever. .

I've had a variety of guitars these past 3 years. I've had:.


Ibanez Ax.

ESP Viper 100.

Gibson Explorer.

My favorite guitar out of all of these was the ESP Viper 100. It was the guitar I felt most comfortable with. I played at many shows with this guitar.

I've been in Malus for a little over a year and we've played many shows together. This band consists of my best friends and I. Tom Waterhouse(lead guitar), Evan Waterhouse(bass guitar), Michael Lessard(singer) and Gabe Gilcrest(drums) are my band members. Learning to play guitar with these people has been great. Not only do they make learning to play music fun, but it's great because we all take it so seriously and want to do good. We want to all succedd in our future plans. We all plan going out to California and hitting it big time. Granted the band has gone through some rough times but we pulled through it all.

I play second guitar in Malus. It isn't the greatest, sometimes I wish I could have lead guitar, but it's better than nothing! I still get my share in parts, and we sound awesome. With Evan gone to college now, it is harder for practice and what not though. It really sucks. .

Christmas of 2001, I got my Ibanez Ax for a present. After that, Tom and I went outside a few days later, and smashed my Sisonics to pieces. It was a good time.