At first I only wanted to meet Trista so that I could get close to her.

because I had a crush on her brother, Joey. I knew that we would be attending.

the same school for the next four years, and I was anxious to see what would.

come out of it. I told her I couldn't wait for school to start so we could really get.

to know each other. Trista felt the same way. Through our emails, I began to.

realize that Trista and I shared a lot in common. As we talked, I began to.

become more interested in what Trista had to say than my desire to get close.

to her brother. I knew in my heart that Trista was going to be an extraordinary.


Loyalty is a virtue that my mother taught me at a very young age. Many .

people seem like they are encouraging you in situations, but you never know.

who you can trust. It's hard to have a relationship with someone and develop.

trust. Trista was loyal to me from the beginning, and I know that I will be able to.

count on her until the end. On the first day that I started talking to her on the.

computer, I was pouring my heart out simply because she was comforting to.

talk to. She had such a unique quality, a quality that you rarely see in a person.

you have recently met. Not only was she loyal to me, but she was honest as well.

To this day, honestly has been a problem in my life. I just can't seem to find.

people who are loyal. For example, when I ask a close friend for their opinion on .

what Im wearing, I expect an honest response. Yet I know I have been guilty of .

placating, we all have, but not with Trista. She would find the nicest way to tell.

me the truth in any situation, as I would do for her. It just became the level of.

comfort we felt around each other that made honesty second nature. She taught.

me that honesty is the best policy. There is always a nice way to say things that.

aren't so nice.


Trista has been a positive influence in my life in many ways. She is the.

oldest of three girls; therefore, she has learned to share and that material things.