It has everything I need all in one concentrated place. In a way my room is like a Kool-Aid package, for instance Kool-Aid is in a little package yet it makes two quarts. The same applies to my room, It's a little package but it has a whole lot more.

To get to my room you go down the hall and you"ll see a door with a sign on it that says "TYLER"S ROOM." When you first walk in my dresser will be in front of you and on top of it is my TV, to your right is my night stand and the left side is my bookshelf where my stereo is located about four feet up on its own little stand with one of my speakers on the top about six feet and the other on my bed where I listen to it while I sleep.

I think why I like my room so much is that I can just shut the door on all my problems and be in a safe comfortable environment, my computer where I can go online and look at car stuff or maybe do some homework. It has a printer so I can print my Word documents or online pictures. I have a DVD drive so I can watch movies with surround sound but I only have a seven-teen inch viewable monitor. But I could always plug it into my TV and move up in life another two inches.

I love the smell of my room sometimes when my computer's been on all day and it smells like electricity not electricity but you know the smell of electronic equipment. Then you can touch the monitor and then touch the door knob and get shocked which is really cool particularly it feels cool especially through the finger nails. If the cat's around I touch him and I think even he likes the feel of it on his nose. In my room you"ll always hear the annoying computer fan or my CD player on with the CD rotating while its on because I forgot to turn it off probably. .

I love the taste of candy corn, which I like to have in there if I get the munchies. I also consequently and usually have a glass of Kool-Aid on my dresser or nightstand.

The only bad thing about my room is that I haven't brought up is that my bed is about twelve inches since I haven't brought in my bottom half of my bed stand.