The girl came strutting into my third period English classroom. Her head held high and a smug "I"m better then you" smile on her face. She was introduced as Tiffany. When she was asked to talk about herself she began to talk about her family and how her dad is a very smart, rich and not to mention extremely important to some computer company. She said she lives in a huge house, and they moved because they wanted a better community for her and her brother to grow up in. When she summed up her perfect life story, she walked to the last seat in the third row right next to me. I looked her over, in her immaculate jeans and her wonderful brown sweater, along with perfectly matching tan shoes. Her long silky shimmering hair looked like locks of golden thread, next to my crinkle bush of curly red hair.

As role was taken when her name was called her bright blue eyes looked up and she raised her perfectly polished hand in the air saying "here" in an angelic tone. I hated her already, and I knew it was going to be a long sophomore year. .

As we went over our "To Kill a Mocking Bird" assignment, she answered every question with exact precision. She said she had read the book at her "leisure" over summer break after sixth grade. .

Finally the bell ending third period had rang. As we all shuffled out of the classroom, I was stuck behind "Miss Perfect" herself. I continued down the hallway to fourth period History, when I heard two girls talking. They were talking about Tiffany and how they hated her already, and how she thought she was better then everyone with her nice house her beautiful clothes, perfect face, and shimmery hair. Right then I saw Tiffany turn and run the other direction and I knew she had heard what the two girls were saying about her. I felt terrible for feeling the exact same way, for hating her before I had ever even talked to her.

I decided to turn around and follow her. To make sure she was okay.