It was a warm summer evening in the fields and the animals were playing near the corn stalks. Squirrel and Bear were playing hide and seek. Beaver, Rabbit, Owl, and Wolf were playing tag. Everyone was happy and life was good.

After playing their little games the animals would work the fields and harvest fruits. They farmed and picked berries for all their families and never took more or less than what they needed. The animals all respected each other and their environment.

One day after farming and harvesting the animals all came together to divide the food among them. After getting their share, the animals would usually go home to their families and prepare a meal. But this time was different.

After Owl divided the food among the animals, Beaver noticed Bear had more food than him. Beaver didn't understand that since Bear was bigger and had a bigger family he needed more food. Beaver thought Bear should get less since he doesn't work in the winter and sleeps instead.

Beaver accused Bear of stealing from him and a fight broke out. Beaver tried to take an ear of corn from Bear but Bear held on tight. It soon became an all out tug of war between the animals. Wolf and Squirrel helped Bear while Owl and Rabbit helped Beaver out. .

Both sides of the battle were pulling as hard as they could. Bear pulled and pulled but he lost his grip and the ear of corn went fling into Beaver's face. The corn stalk hit so hard it knocked all but two of Beaver's teeth out and sent him flying into a tree. .

Beaver gave the corn back to Bear as he could not eat it with just two teeth and apologized for accusing him of stealing. Although Beaver could not eat corn he found a new favorite food. The bark he had in his mouth after hitting the tree tasted very good to the beaver. .

Beaver's ignorance had caused him to be jealous of Bear. Beaver's jealousy had caused him to be in a fight and to lose his teeth. But if it were not for his ignorance and jealously, he might not have found his favorite food.