I hate when your eyelids feel like they are to heavy to keep open. I hate when all you want to do is lay your heavy head on your soft fluffy comfortable pillow and go to sleep. I hate the fact that I am sitting in my extremely comfortable bed typing this unfocused paper when all I want to do it sleep. I am hoping that the time goes by quickly and this paper is almost done, I can hear my pillow calling my name and to just lie down. I want to lay down for just a second or two but I know if I do that then I will end up falling asleep and I will find myself tomorrow morning in Mrs. S's English class getting a BMP and a team study for not having this paper written. And I know for a fact that I don't want that. .

The time must be almost up, I mean what can you write about when you are unfocused I know I could never writing about my family or something I did when I was a child, I mean, geese, I can barley remember what I did a minutes ago. Well, actually I can remember. I was down stair in the kitchen talking to my mother about my math class. Also we were talking about my field hockey game that I had today and if you were wondering it was a horrible game we got killed, well not killed but hurt. We LOST 4-0, it is sad we haven't even scored one goal yet this season. You would think out of 20 some odd girls we would be able to score at least one goal in three games.

Anyways, I am hoping the time is almost up! My figures feel like they can barley hit another key. Speaking of keys it was the funnies thing today Liz and Jenn were playing around with their computers and all or a sudden Liz's shift key fell off. You would think if we are paying so much money to buy these computers that they would stay in one piece for our four year here at Brewster Academy.

Wow, can you believe the time still hasn't run out, I feel like I will never be able to go to sleep. Oh my gosh, you will never believe this, well actually you probably will.