Rape is devastating! It's about forced sex which as an act of aggression or violence.

The rape statistics within the UK have been going up! 3,500 girls had said that they had experienced date rape at least once and most cases had had the involvement of drugs including alcohol, to the obvious excess. The main problem is that because the victim cannot recall anything after having a drink that has been drugged the prosecution is more difficult.

Rape and sexual assaults are the crimes that are the least reported to law enforcement. Twenty-eight percent of 110,270 rapes that occurred in 1999 were reported to the police but only one in thirteen ended in conviction. Unfortunately teenagers aged 16 to 19 are more likely than the general public to be victims of rape. .

So what does date rape involve?.

Alcohol is consumed in many date rapes. This is because drinking can loosen people's inhibitions, dull common sense and in some people can bring out sexually aggressive behaviour. But recently a new drug has been used in clubs and at parties. This drug is called ROHYPNOL which is better known to most people as roofies' or the forget pill' and they are usually prescribed to people with sleeping difficulties. However rohypnol is very inexpensive to buy on the streets, as little as A?1.50 to A?3.00 per tablet, which could be one of the main reasons for its sudden popularity. The main problem with rohypnol is that when mixed with alcohol the effects can be devastating and in some cases can lead to death. In its tablet form, rohypnol is white, with one side scarred with roche' and the other has a 1 or a 2 encircled on it depending on the dosage of the tablet. When it is dispersed into a drink it becomes an odourless, flavourless sedative and so the victim has no knowledge of its presence. Due to this the Department of Trade and Industry are currently working on a prototype for a swizzle stick' that changes colour when dipped into a drink if it contains a drug.