"Once A Sinner Always A Sinner," Or Are They?.

In the movie, Les Miserables, and in many other countries before they had their revolutions, people were named good or bad by choosing to follow or not follow the laws. According to many of the philosophers and Javert, the policeman in the movie, there are only two kinds of people: law breakers and law abiders. If a man stole anything, he would be looked on as a sinner and bad man for the rest of his life. According to Javert, Jean Valjean could never change or have a clean record, even if he completed his parole.

Along with Javert's mindset, even though it was how the majority of france's law enforcements and rulers viewed life, there was the bishop's philosophy of life. The bishop thought that no matter how evil a person is, or what crime that person committed, that person could always be saved by Christ. It was the bishop's philosophy that saved Jean from sin. In the movie, the bishop smothered Valjean with so much kindness and treated him with respect. Jean never forgot this, and was saved. It is the words of kindness and love that can overcome hatred any day. Even though Jean had spent twenty years facing brutality and hatred, one night of love and forgiveness was enough to sustain his heart. .

My philosophy of life is the same as the bishop's. It is the good side of people that is mostly remembered. We are all human, we make mistakes, we make bad decisions, and this is normal. Javert as a person helped make his philosophy true, which was unfair to the people of France because when people committed a crime he would look down on the person and repeatedly call the person a sinner and scum because of it. this doesn't allow the person to learn or know any different and that is who the person becomes. Of course, they will not convert to good if all they ever hear is how evil they are. I will admit, there are some people in the world who cannot be saved.