Most of the people were asleep at that time, so the streets were empty. Miranda was on her way home from a visit at some friends. She was crying, and they had tried to comfort her, but she didn't wanted to listen. Instead she was just run out of the house with her coat under her arm. They had shouted after her, but she didn't care, even if she then had lost some of her only friends. She knew, that the things they had said about her boyfriend, was true, that he was unfaithful. But that it had been with so many girls, she never could had dreamt of. The tears trickled down at her cheek. The feeling of being deeply disappointed, she kept in her heart. She couldn't believe it, she was really furious. She decided to go home. .

She couldn't sleep at night, the only thing she could think of was Casper, that pig! She was so in love with him, how could he do something heartless like that? .

The next day she didn't wanted to go to school, but she had no choice. She had to face her friends. And Casper. .

You could see it in his eyes, he was in love, but it wasn't with Miranda. He flirted with a girl, named Ashley. As Miranda was going home, Casper came over to her. He broke op with her. He told her, that he didn't love her anymore, he was in love with Ashley, of course. He was really sorry about it, he said, but she didn't believe it. Now she was really mad, and she couldn't think clearly. They had been together for over 2 years, and now it was over. .

"The teenage girl Ashley Brown found killed" was the headline on all newspaper the next morning. .

A couple of days after Ashley's death the police were at the school. They wanted to talk with Miranda. Of course they had already been talking with Casper, because he had been dating her. He had told them all about Miranda, and that they had broke up the same day that Ashley died. .

She started to cry, she couldn't control it. She confessed that she killed Ashley, but that she had done it of love.