What Is art? Before I ever took my first art class here at the university Of South Florida St Petersburg always thought art was just a picture in a frame. Now after taking history of visual arts, and intro to art, I now see that there a many different types of art than a painting. I've been browsing through the book, Why a Painting Is like a Pizza by Nancy G. Heller and I thought I would share some of my thoughts on this. Nancy says that, "art depends both on visual balance for much of their overall appeal and, though both can be Judged by established standards, pizzas and aintings must ultimately be evaluated in terms of individual taste. I believe this to be true. While my personal individual taste for pizza is cheese, just plain cheese, my Individual taste for painting takes on a much boarder range. The clincher for me to like this book is where Heller said "My position is that anything anyone says is art should in fact be regarded as art. " I agree with her because as a child growing up in a Christian family, I was always told that "beauty is In the eye of the beholder" and If ou believe that, then you also can say that anything can be art.

After watching the documentary "my child could paint that," abstract paintings to me seem to be a waste of time. Most of the abstracts I have seen consist of a canvas covered in hundreds of colors, all mixed together to make one picture. Abstract has no purpose, and I feel like anybody could create an abstract and call it a masterpiece. As we saw In the documentary, Marla Is this little four year old girl who for fun sits on the floor and mixes up all these colors to make her artwork.

After she paints these abstracts, her parents were able to sell her pieces and make a considerable amount of money for these paintings. In chapter four of Heller's book she has a quote by A1 Capp which says "abstract art is a product of the untalented, sold by the unprincipled to the utterly bewildered. " I agree with A1 Capp fully because it doesn't take much to throw some colors on a canvas. Not only is art beautiful, it also is the only thing in this world that has stood the test of time.

Artists and Musicians will come and go, but their works will stay with us orever and forever be remembered. With each new turn of the century. a new art era is born. Looking back at art through the ages, we can start to connect the pieces of our past and connect them with each piece of art like a history book of pictures. The earliest of all art comes from ancient painting created by our beloved cavemen and woman. Just by rubbing red clay dust on the cave surface, early man was able to tell his story. In Heller's book, In chapter nine she has a series of questions and answers, and as

I was reading over them question number six asked if knowing about an artist's life helps you understand their work. She responds at first with a simple yes and no. I agree with that simple statement. For me, to truly understand art I feel like you need to approach each painting with a clear mind and no prior knowledge. Think of it like this; when you first look at a painting and you don't know what It's titled, who the artist Is, and have no background knowledge about the piece, It gives you the opportunity to look at the piece with an unbiased view.

To really understand art feel like you as the observer, you need to push out everything you know about the art you way. When you first look at a painting or sculptural how do you know if what your looking at is good or bad? After reading Heller's explanation in chapter nine I can agree with what she said. Every piece of art you look at has its own unique purpose. It is our Job as the observer to determine whether the art we are looking at is good or not. I like when Nancy was comparing Judging different breeds of dogs to Judging ifferent forms of art.

Everyone believes that their masterpiece is the best, but in the end it is ultimately hard to choose. It's like comparing apple to oranges when your looking at two different artworks. When is comes down to it you Just have to choose the one that outshines the other. In conclusion, I am still not a big fan of art, but im slowing becoming a fan Going on our little trips to the St. Petersburg museum of fine arts and the Ringling museum has opened up my eyes to what I have been missing when it comes to the art world.