In a car production plant the floor manager is the person who controls the apparent chaos. There is incessant noise and activity and the factory floor seems like total mayhem, or a scene from Dante's Inferno. There are great leaping sparks from the ark welding machines and electrical equipment. There is also a great deal of shouting - but this is necessary to communicate above the noise. The cars on the assembly line are lined up in the hangar-size building with dozens of mechanics and technicians moving about like ants, running between the shining metal bodies. Control of this 'organized' chaos is tightly kept by the foreman with his white clipboard in hand. He wonders with an authoritative air between the working men and checks on their progress. There is an air of professionalism throughout the factory with everyone attentive to their relevant roles and working at their assigned tasks. From above the senior staff and management look down on the melee below but are mostly glued to computer screens like superior beings who have larger issues to deal with than to pay attention to the scurrying beings below.

5. Car wash

There are various types of car washes. The two main types are touchless or cloth-friction washes. The touchless type depends on powered jets of water and detergents while the cloth friction wash has a more hands-on approach. There is also another type of car wash which is simple and completely hands-on. This is the small car wash run to by three to four people with their only equipment consisting of a few buckets, a hose and lots of cloths and detergents. This form of car wash is certainly labor intensive with no automization. The workers have a sequence of tasks - one cleans the inside of the car while the others wash down the outside. There is a sense of fun and enjoyment as I watch them go about their tasks. They talk incessantly and laugh when the water hose accidentally sprays them. They certainly would not make a fortune and would probably have to upgrade their business to really make a decent profit. However, this does not seem to bother them in the least and the cars were lining up. What is noteworthy is that these workers display a healthy amount of pride and enjoyment in their work.

6. Pizza Parlor

One aspect that strikes one immediately about the inside of a pizza parlor is the pleasant aroma and heat that permeates from the open kiln. The parlor is centered around a large open pizza oven. The manger and chef arrive at work very early in the morning. In preparing for the day ahead the chef proceeds to clean the kitchen and mop the floor. He probably does not have to do this but it has become a sort of ritual for him that starts the day. He then proceeds to the most important preparation of the day - making the dough that will be used to make pizza bases. His next big job is to make sure that the rest of the staff show up for work. This is a family run business, which means getting everyone to work on time can be a problem. The cooking begins and the delicious aroma wafts though the entire shop. Soon there is great amount of activity. After the doors open the customers start to filter in, not only to congregate around the pizza area but also to play video games in a section of the shop. The atmosphere is busy and cheerful, with waiters calling in orders to the chef who is continually busy making pizza bases and piling on an array of toppings. His sleeves are rolled up; his face is flushed from the heat emanating from the kiln as he shovels yet another pizza into the inviting fire.


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